Private Four Month Program

My Heal Your Hormones Private Four Month Program is for the woman who is ready to take her hormonal health and life to the next level.  During this program we create a custom tailored program which includes everything from hormonal testing, specific dietary and lifestyle recommendations and whole food supplement support.  This program allows you to steadily build change and helps instill healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

My goal for you is to have a crystal clear understanding of everything that’s happening in your body so that you can be empowered to take care of your health and achieve your goals. We will build on the foods, whole food supplements, herbs and self-care practices that are proven to balance your hormones so we can move the needle on every facet of your health. This will be done in a step by step process that I make easy to understand and through my system that has a proven track record with thousands of women like yourself.

My commitment and promise is to give you a dynamic, empowering perspective around your specific health concerns and a very clear plan of action during each session.  I will show you exactly what is going on in your body and how you can take positive steps you need to see the change you desire.

What's Included:

45 – MINUTE CONSULTATION: You’ll get crystal clear about the current status of your hormonal health and where it is possible for us to take your health over our four month journey together.  All appointments are done over the telephone or via Skype.

EIGHT – 45 MINUTE PRIVATE SESSIONS:  In each session I will provide you with powerful personalized strategies and tools for us to move forward towards your health goals.  These sessions include discussion on small dietary changes, lifestyle recommendations, goal setting, and specific action steps for you to take NOW! All appointments are done over the telephone or via Skype.

INITIAL HORMONE SALIVA TESTING: Your program will include your initial hormonal testing, so that I can provide you with very specific action steps based on your personal hormone profile.  This testing is done from the comfort of your home.

WHOLE FOOD SUPPLEMENTS AND HERBS:  Based on your individual hormonal profile, supplements made from organic foods and/or herbs may be recommended to speed up the process of balancing your body’s hormonal system.  These products are included with the cost of your program.

24/7 ACCESS TO DR. STEPHANIE:  You will be provided with my personal email address and phone number so that I may support you fully during your journey and provide an accountability resource for you as well.

PERSONALIZED HANDOUTS & RESOURCES— Packed full of vital information that will provide the groundwork for you to propel massive change in all aspects of your life — physical, mental and emotional.

ACCESS TO MY PRIVATE MEMBERS ONLY ONLINE COMMUNITY:  Get support from other women like yourself!  We encourage you to share your experiences, challenges, and successes!  Over the past decade, I have discovered that women work best in a community setting and here we provide a sacred environment for you to share your heart out!

MEMBERSHIP IN DR. STEPHANIE’S HEALTHY HORMONES CLUB:  This membership entitles you to many perks but the biggest ones are the following: Unlimited 24/7 email support, monthly healthy hormones newsletter, and access to our private Facebook page.

MUCH MUCH MORE!  You will receive lots of goodies along the way, from recipes, health questionnaires, handouts, access to videos and much more.

What’s Next:

I offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation if you are interested in finding out more about my programs to determine which one would be the right fit for you. Just click below to schedule. I’d love to get to know you and hear about what is going on with your health. In this consultation we will assess your health issues and goals, I’ll explain how my programs work and together we can create a plan on how to move forward to realizing your health goals.