Praise - What Women Are Saying

Fibroid Tumors -- Denise Gilliard

I have known and been communicating with Dr. Stephanie for almost a year. Within that time frame she has helped me to understand more about what has been going on in my life with my health than any other physicians that I have been visiting for 20 years. I appreciate her and her natural approach more than anything. All other physicians pushed medicines and/or surgery in order to correct my fibroids tumors.

Let’s take a minute to visit my tumors and how it affected my health. Due to the tumors, my cycle was abnormal which made it uncomfortable, uncontrolled, extremely heavy and longer. It had me in a borderline anemia state. I was also made to believe that medicines for life and/or surgery were the only choices available for my condition. Well, really just one(1) option, ‘medicine’, since had ‘low-to no’ Iron which made my blood level too low for surgery even if I was in an accident and needed it to save my life. SCARY…. And a wake-up call for my need to do something yesterday.

With Dr. Stephanie’s approach of a nutritional diet plan and the natural supplements, my concerns greatly improved within three to six months. Today, I am considered healthy as an OX, a term that was used to describe my health before 20 years ago. I sleep better, think better and have tons on energy. I am thankful for Physicians like Dr. Stephanie that still practice and know that your diet is your largest and strongest path to having the best health/life.

PS: My testimony is a little longer than expected, but I have to add that Dr. Stephanie has assisted with recommending supplements for both my father with COPD and my brother with multiple sclerosis. My father is no longer on the nebulizer and my brother’s spasms and pain are more controlled.

Thank you for everything and I am with you forever.


Denise Gilliard – South Carolina


Peri- Menopause – KAREN P.

Peri-menopause in all its glory: bloating, weight gain, mood swings, cramping, irregular cycles; any way you describe it, I was miserable. The doctor wanted me to go on hormones, but I was looking for an alternative. Dr. Stephanie had me do the one month saliva test, an interesting process in itself. But what that testing showed was the range of all of my hormones over my entire cycle and not the range in one day (as the doctor's blood test tells).

I began my Standard Process supplements with much skepticism, thinking that maybe hormones would be easier (and perhaps cheaper). The first month was rough, but then with each successive month, I noticed improvements. After 6 months I had lost all that peri-menopausal weight, was no longer bloated, and was having regular cycles. My mood swings disappeared. Irritability and fatigue were a thing of the past. RELIEF!! So now I am on a much simpler regimen, much less expensive, and feeling great. I truly had no idea what to expect, I just wanted relief. I got that relief in a healthy way in which my body has been able to heal itself. Dr. Stephanie and Standard Process-thank you!!!


Weight Loss and Exhaustion – TAMMY D.

What was it like before coming to see us?

I weighed 338 lbs. I had no energy. I always felt sluggish. I found myself unable to drive more than 1 hour without having to stop and try to wake up. I ate constantly and badly.

How is it now?

I have lost over 40 lbs in 16 weeks. I have driven from Charleston to Orlando and Atlanta by driving straight through. I have purchased a bike and am starting to ride it. My energy levels are up. I have set a goal to be at 250lbs by October. I could not be where I am today without the help of Dr. Stephanie. I feel better and my overall outlook on life has improved greatly!



Acne and Energy – HALEY B.

What was it like before coming to see us?

I was always exhausted and sluggish. I had bad acne and trouble falling to sleep. I also had weakness in my limbs.

How is it now?

Energy is really good throughout the day. Falling and staying asleep well. Acne is gone except around my period or times of high stress.